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A picture of a 1967 Impala SS Frame after coating
A picture of a 1959 Corvette before blasting
Picture of an early model Jaguar before abrasive blasting
Picture of a 1970 Ferrari after plastic blasting
A picture of a 1956 Chevy Nomad after plastic and abrasive blasting
A picture of a 1969 Porsche after epoxy coating

Media Tech is a state-of-the-art surface preparation and coating company located in Naperville, IL. We specialize in restoration services for those who require the latest in air blasting technology. Our multi-media approach can be used for a variety of applications including; rust and scale removal, coating and contaminat removal, anchor pattern creation, and cosmetic finishing. We have the experience and know-how to air blast a wide range of materials such as; metal, fiber glass, aluminum, wood and plastic. Our high-tech services include:

  • Plastic Blasting
  • Abrsive Blasting (Staurlite)
  • Walnut, Corncob, or Pecan Shell Blasting
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Self-Etch Priming
  • Undercarriage Restoration
  • Sheet Metal Repair
Media Tech will provide you unsurpassed customer satisfaction by providing solutions to your problems. Our technicians are the most professional and best trained in the industry. Each project is carefully evaluated and explained to our customers before blasting takes place. Click here to learn more about Media Tech.
Air blasting is the process of cleaning or preparing a surface by propelling a loose abrasive media with compressed air against it. Proper media selection can have a dramatic effect on the quality of any surface preparation project. At Media Tech, you can be sure the proper combination of abrasive type and size, along with quality air blasting equipment will produce your desired finish. All of this without damage to the delicate underlying surface. Click here to learn more about our special multi-media process.
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